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Wine service


Selecting a wine list can be a big challenge – knowing the wines that go with your dishes, ensuring a choice to suit every palate, choosing wines to fit both your budget and your customers budgets…before you know it, you’ve got 50 different wines and half of them don’t sell!

What you need is our wine service – we don’t just sell you a bottle, we help you and your staff to really understand wines so that you can sell a product you know and believe in.

A bespoke wine list

Together we can create a tool which will offer a choice of style and prices with no compromise on quality and will be an easy guide for your 
customer to choose wines from.

Every wine we sell here at Grapevine has been selected to ensure excellent value for money at all levels. We stay in close touch with our wineries 
and providers, and are always looking for the next great find so we can share it with you.