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The coronavirus outbreak had a major impact on our business and the sector we work in. With the closure of the hospitality industry when the Country went into lockdown we lost 85% of our trading customers overnight and our revenue stream had been decimated. The agility of our company allowed us to be resourceful and adapt to the new situation incredibly quickly. The motivation for doing so was not just mere survival, but a sense of irony regarding the ‘empty shelves at the supermarket’ that were being shown via national news, and our fully stocked warehouses.

Our ecommerce platform was modified within 72 hours and promoted down various media channels to allow for the general public to request an account, browse and shop and just like that Caterite Click and Collect was born. Within 48 hours of the service being launched we had over +10,000 new account requests. Our usual 9,000 product portfolio was filtered down to a more manageable 4,500 products, and we introduced a range of new products (fresh fish, toiletries, pet food, baby care and gardening suppliers) to accommodate our new customer base requests.


We have surveyed our click and collect customers to gain vital feedback on our service and allow us to plan and develop our future business model to include a B2C market, the results of the completed surveys were emphatic; 99.5% enjoyed click and collect 99.5% would recommend us to a friend of family 94.2% would continue to use the service after lockdown.


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What our customers have to say 

"Great service! my partner and I both work for the NHS so we thought we had better stock up as work is going to be taking up most of our time." 

 Dianne - Click & Collect Customer 

"Collected my order today. Fabulous set up, amazing produce and super friendly staff. You should all be so proud. Couldn't recommend enough"

Rachael - Click and Collect Customer 

"Just picked up our order and ordered all our fruit and veg this week from you. Brilliant quality on all of it and a great selection. Thanks again"

Carole - Click and Collect Customer

"Husband on his way to collect our order now so we can enjoy a nice 20th wedding anniversary meal later. Thank you for providing this service, as otherwise it would have been a pretty sad meal tonight, whereas we are looking forward to steak followed by sticky toffee pudding, even had dairy free cream so I can enjoy it too!"
Becky - Click and Collect Customer

"Thank you so much to all of you, it has been a pleasure to deal with your staff the last few days, & we were so impressed with the organisation & friendliness of the staff when we collected our order this morning.

Well done everyone!"

Jane - Click & Collect Customer 

"Called today for our second collection in recent weeks.The service is superb and incredibly well organised. The quality of produce is excellent. If anyone is seeking to setup click and collect these guys have the perfect model."

Colin - Click & Collect Customer 

"Collected my first order today, certainly won’t be my last. A fantastic operation, thank you and well done to all"

Angela - Click & Collect Customer 

"Really easy to deal with, efficient and safe collection service, excellent food. Highly recommend!"

Claire - Click & Collect Customer 

"Absolutely 1st class service. Couldn't ask for a better set up of collecting order today. Staff professional and friendly in these difficult times of covid19. Well done Caterite team embelton."

Debbie - Click & Collect Customer 

"We came to collect our order today and hand in our pictures that the children had drawn. One was a birthday party and we were asked who had a birthday. My little man was then given a chocolate bar and wished a happy birthday by the lovely lads loading our car, the pictures were commented upon and the kids praised. It’s small gestures like this that mean a lot. Thank you so much. Convenient, safe and you still manage a personal touch. Top class service."

Kirsty - Click & Collect Customer 

"Fantastic service. Such an easy hassle free experience. Great choice of everything anyone would need. When I got the shopping I was delighted with the quality and freshness of all the produce. I will continue to use Caterite for as long as the service is available. My best friend knows Im a tough cookie to please when it comes to service, so for me to praise this service she knows she can also now 100% do her shopping safe and hassle free on my recommendation. Thank you Caterite xx"

Nicola - Click & Collect Customer 

"Thank you for your amazing service! From setting up my account to collecting my order all was done quickly and smoothly. I felt safe in knowing I didn't have to go to the supermarket and risk contact. I am more than happy with the food I've ordered. Being coeliac myself I'm getting worried over what gluten free foods will be available in the shops as people seem to be buying these now when their normal food isn't available. If I can get gluten free foods on bulk through my account this will be fab too. Keep up the great work, thanks."

Anna - Click & Collect Customer 

"My family and I collected a large order from your depot today. Your staff were pleasant all the way through. They were efficient and helpful. We were more than impressed. We had in fact taken orders for several families and after our Caterite stop, we went on to deliver to those families.

My husband and I are both doctors and we are very aware of the number of socially isolated Cumbrians out there. Can I just let you know that every family we delivered to (and us) have been so pleased with the quality and cost of your products. 

We are hoping to do another trip in 2 weeks...we are expecting to be given more orders.....we are going to need a bigger boot!

Thank you again for offering this service. It has been a life saver for people who cannot find an online slot with one of their usual supermarkets...and for us as it means we don't put ourselves at greater risk by spending hours in a supermarket shopping for others (it is bad enough being in a clinical environment)."

Stacey - Click & Collect Customer 

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