NEW business venture for Grapevine Wine Service…

NEW business venture for Grapevine Wine Service…

Adapting businesses and implementing new ideas in short timescales has been challenging but has become the new norm. Changing the way, we work and taking businesses in new directions, has created new opportunities in the hospitality industry. We have seen restaurants develop online ordering takeaway services, virtual meetings and traditional businesses taking their shops online. Going digital is no longer creeping in, it has exploded and is leading the way.

After the successful launch of Caterite’s Click and Collect service, Grapevine followed a similar path and offered its portfolio to the local community. A chance to enjoy restaurant quality wines in the comfort of your home. As interest in the service grew, we knew we could offer more, and customers further afield started to request a home delivery service. We decided to take the business to the next level and Wine Online was born!

A business created due to the closing of the hospitality industry, Wine Online offers a range of restaurant quality wines from across the globe, carefully selected by our wine experts, all available for home delivery across the UK. Something we never thought possible from our warehouse in the Threlkeld.  

We were lucky as a business to have already started our digital transformation and had the expertise to be able to create a brand, website, and portfolio within the space of a few weeks. We are excited to see where our new business venture takes us, and we intend to still support our local communities and businesses by offering our click and collect services.

A few highlights of Wine Online, simplicity and quality.

Simplicity - no account required. Just click and order.

Range - award winning wines from all over the world and supporting British producers.

Exclusive - our wines are not available in supermarkets, we off something a bit different.

Restaurant quality wines to be enjoyed at home.

The perfect wine awaits… delivered direct to your door.