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Allergen Information



As you may be aware, a new EU regulation about Food Information For Consumers is due to be implemented on December 13th, 2014.  Among other changes, the new directive will require warnings of fourteen major allergens to be highlighted on the labels of products in which they occur: gluten; crustaceans; eggs; fish; peanuts; soybeans; milk; nuts; celery; mustard; sesame; sulphur dioxide; lupin and molluscs. 

However, we would like to highlight that the regulations relating to the labelling of wine are different to those relating to other food and beverage products and the new legislationwill not affect wine at this stage.  Nor is there currently a proposed implementation date for such changes to take effect.

While a number of products from the list of fourteen allergens specified in the new regulation may be used in the production of wine, the Food Standards Agency acknowledge that only three of these allergens exist in wine in more than trace quantities in the finished product.  As such, the only allergens that currently need to be identified on wine labels, at this time, are milk, eggs and sulphites.

So, what does this entail for you?  Very little, at present.  Sulphite warnings have in fact been a legal requirement on wines with more than 10mg sulphites per litre, since 2005.   Similarly, legislation relating to the labelling of wines containing more than trace quantities (0.25mg/l) of egg or milk residues was introduced in 2012.    It is also worth noting that the requirement for egg/milk warnings only affects wine from grapes harvested since the relevant legislation took effect i.e. wine made from the harvests of 2011 and before are exempt, as are 2012 vintage wines that were labelled before June 2012.

Due to the pre-existence of the legislation regarding allergen warnings on wine labels we are confident that, to the best of our knowledge, all relevant allergen warnings are already in place on the bottles you buy from us.  There should therefore be no need to take any further steps in this regard ahead of the FIC regulations being implemented on December 13th. 

As regards Beers, and Independent Lakeland Breweries’ products, please be assured that clear labelling will be on the casks and Kegs and bottles, indicating that they contain gluten, (wheat, barley, rye or oats) The fining agents of Isinglas, milk, eggs are trace elements, below the 0.25mg/Lt, and Sulphites and Sulphur dioxide  below 10mg.

I hope you find this information helpful but if you do have any queries, specifically regarding the allergens in the wines or beers you buy from us, please do get in touch and we will try and help you as much as possible.  

Beers are made with cereals containing gluten (barley, wheat, rye, oats). Finings such as Isinglas are exempt.

Wines will contain Sulphites (fining agents may contain minute traces of fish or egg product and are exempt)